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Welcome to Tailspin Grooming!

Providing awesome grooms for keeping your pet healthy and tidy!

Serving the Hudsonville

and Wyoming areas of Michigan 

All of our groomers are Certified Professional Pet Groomers from prestigious Grooming Schools!



Text or Email with questions!
Or book online below:





See the awesome menu of services we offer!

Prices range depending on

size of pet (SML) --->

We use only top of the line shampoos and products! We endorse the Espana silk product line as well as sell it in our store!


Every full service groom

comes with bath, brush/haircut, ear cleaning, anal gland check (expressed if needed), nail trim, sanitary and pads shaved and cologne! 


Pet Sizing Chart: 



Lap dogs, like: 

ShiTzu, Mini Poo, Yorkie etc...



Almost a Lap Dog: 

Lhasa, Bichon, Cocker etc...



Big dogs that think they are lap dogs, like:

 Doodles, Goldens, Labs, Pits etc...


Full Groom:

Full service groom (bath, brush, ear cleaning, anal gland check (expressed if needed), nail trim, pads and sanitary shaved with one length body shave haircut
starts at $55 for small, $70 for medium, up to $100+ for large dogs OR doodles. *Price can vary depending on size, condition/behavior
Breed Pattern Groom:
Full service groom for special cuts: bath, brush, ear cleaning, anal gland check (expressed if needed), nail trim, pads shaved and sanitary shaved with Breed Pattern or Color Haircut
- please ask for custom price
Bath/Brush/Neaten Groom
For in between grooms, or just to tidy up
Bath, Brush, Nails, Ears  
Small - $45-$50
Med - $5o - $70
Large - $70 - $100+

*Price can vary depending on condition/behavior
Cat Groom:
For the Feline in your life
 (Jennifer is the Cat Groomer, Mondays Only)

Full service groom (Bath, Haircut, Nails) 
Ala Carte:

(available with or without a groom)
Nail Trim and File $10-20
Face/foot Trim $10
Toothbrushing $10 
Anal Gland $10 
Hair Color or Hair Designs -$ ask for quote
Extra Services:
(not including price of groom)

Hair De-Matt $1/minute 
De-Shed $1/minute
Training/handling fee




3271 Van Buren, 

Hudsonville, MI 49426

2757 44th st SW,

Wyoming MI 49519


Tel:  616-460-6600

Tailspin ADDRESS

By Appointment only: please schedule online and text with questions. We cannot check our voicemail, thank you!

 To schedule at Hudsonville online, copy and paste this address to your browser:

To schedule at Wyoming online, copy and paste this link into your browser: 






All of our groomers love animals, and have been through a full grooming training program!


Jenn is the Owner of Tailspin Pet Grooming, she is a local resident of Hudsonville... she is an animal traininger, and also freelances with her animal focused Art. After completing her certification at the Paragon School of Pet Grooming, Jenn has worked for over 10 years developing her style in the world of grooming pets and training animals. She only grooms cats and Special Behavior Needs dogs at this time.  

Hudsonville team:
Karlie is a Certified Professional Pet Groomer from Paragon School of Pet Grooming and is a PAWS puppy trainer, she has a lot of experience working with Poodles and Goldens! She is very gentle and loving and always has a smile on! 


Lindsey is a patient groomer and is certified through the Paragon School of Pet Grooming, pets love her calm approach! She has been grooming for 7 years.

Jessica recently graduated Paragon's grooming school, she is shining with patience and skill in handling and grooming!

Sarah is fun and bubbly and has a doodle herself! She loves doodles and puppies and is skilled for all trims on breeds of dogs! 

Wyoming team:

Bre is a Certified Professional Pet Groomer from Paragon School of Pet Grooming, and she has a good eye for style, she will give your pup lots of extra love! 

Lily is a Certified Pet Groomer and she is upbeat and fun, she will help your pup feel comfortable with a smile and cheery personality, the dogs love her!

Brinley has recently graduated from grooming school and she is naturally talented with grooming and also owns her own doodle! She will help your pup feel right at home.

We have several seasonal and regular bather/assistants helping us who are patient animal lovers as well!


Jenn created Tailspin Pet Grooming as a great place to work, where pets will be treated with respect and love and your concerns will be met to the best of our ability!


Thank you for visiting!

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